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Frequently Asked Questions...

Here at BK Carving, it's not unusual for us to receive questions about custom sculptures from either general inquiries to after-sales.

To help you with your thought process, and to provide you with more of an idea how the process of purchasing your exciting new carving will work, we have listed some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive from day to day, in the hope that it will help you also.

How much does a carving Cost?'
We can work out the total cost of the carving once we know a few details from you about your carving request which can be emailed to us. 

Details we need to know:

SIZE: What is the basic size of your requested piece?
When you picture this piece in your garden or as a gift, roughly how high and wide would you want it to be? It can be hard to decide on this and we are more than happy to discuss with you what size and impact of sculpture would best suit your plans.

CONTENT: What is it that you want carved?
It may be anything from human form, wildlife, domestic pets, machinery or furniture. Once we know what it is you would like carved, we can start to work out what will be involved to create the image from the log. Sending through reference images, sketches and concepts are always welcome and very helpful. You may also want to view some of my recent custom works in the GALLERY here.

PLACEMENT: Where is this carving intended to be positioned?
Whether you hope to have your carving indoors or outdoors, it can dictate what the sculpture will need to be sealed with and what timber may be suitable for the project. We can advise on all of this, getting an idea from you of where you hope the piece will go is very helpful for us.

LOCATIONPickup of your carving is preferable, however sometimes delivery and freight may be required and will need to be assessed and factored in to the costs of your desired project. Letting us know if you hope to have a piece dropped off,  freighted or picked up is helpful in the quoting process

When can you start my carving, and what is the lead-time?
Nothing excites us more than handing over a brand new custom carving to our much valued customers! BK Carving is a small family run business which creates 'one of a kind' unique pieces sculpted by chainsaw carver Brandon Kroon. We will always ensure to advise you on when we anticipate to get your piece done at the time of your inquiry, unless there are other unknowns we intend to discuss further with you. Sometimes, there may be a  few months wait until we can get to your commission, and other times we may be in a great position to get your piece done within days or weeks. Know that we will always do our absolute best to complete your sculpture in a timely manner and update you on the progress.
The lead time will depend on the size, content and detail of your piece, this can be advised to you at the time of quotation.

Can you carve on-site tree stumps?
Yes! Stump carvings are a big part of what we offer at BK Carving. Stump carvings can be amazing additions to your home, workplace or park. Before Brandon comes to the site to assess or carve your stump, we will need to know a few things, these are:

What species is the tree?
Some species will hold up outdoors much, much better than others, which is helpful for you to know as you consider keeping your carving for years to come.

How long has it been since the tree or stump was living?
Carving a 'Green' stump may be easier on the arms and carving equipment, however the tree still can have some drying out or 'seasoning' to do. Carving it too early may result is severe cracking and movement to your new artwork, and although some cracking and shrinking can be quite normal with any natural timber product, we aim to reduce the severity as much as possible by waiting for the stump to season as best as possible. How long this takes is determined by the size and diameter of the stump, the density of the timber and the climate  of location. 

Is the Stump stable and free of rot?
This is where sending pictures through of your proposed stump can help! Although it can be hard to fully determine the timber quality inside the stump, looking at the top cross cut section is generally a good indicator of how the wood will turn out once its carved and what is below the surface.  We will do our best to discern the quality of the wood by examining either on-site or by photo, these can be sent to us via our email address (

Will I need to maintain my carving?
Yes. Once you have received your new carving, it should already have 1-2 coats of sealant applied to it from us (unless specified otherwise). This could be an oil, or varnish, paint, etc... What we use will depend on what the timber is and where it is going to be positioned. It's safe to say in Australia most wood sealing products are required to be re-coated every 6 to 12 months for best results and life of your piece. We highly recommend that you do this to prevent sun, weather or physical damage to your carving. Re-coating your beloved sculpture at least once a year will go a long way in your piece staying in top shape for many years to come. We will always advise you on what we have originally used  on your piece at the time of sale for when it comes time to re-coat it further down the track.

Keeping your sculpture in a shaded position and out of the harsh weather is recommended for the best life of your piece, and even when this is not possible it is still good to ensure your sculpture is secured on a hard dry surface where moisture cannot pool underneath, but can drain and breathe, so rot and deterioration are prevented to set in overtime.

Can you carve a replica of my beloved pet?
Simply put, yes, but there is some important factors to consider when deciding if you would like a sculpture of a pet:

  • Using a chainsaw can limit the detail and intricacies that are much more easily captured by paintbrush or camera.

  • It is carved out of a natural product, a log. I need to work with the grain and character of the wood while creating the sculpture. This means working with a very unique canvas, that can have natural imperfections and features.

  • It is my personal style. Most people that engage an artist will contact them because they like their particular style. It is no different with chainsaw carving. I would be interpreting your concept as best and close as possible, however it will be through my own artistic view and impression.

  • I will of course attempt to capture the personality of the pet, but in the end I may not fully know its personality and project that into the carving, as personality traits and character may only be fully known by the owner.

How much will my sculpture weigh?
A surprisingly common question that can be helpful to know! Of course this can only be answered once we work out what it is you are getting carved, what the finished size will be and what material is being used and included. It is important to plan ahead and request this information if you are needing to get a freight/courier quote or if you're bringing your own vehicle to pick your new sculpture up. If you intend to get your sculpture installed in a place where access is too tight or difficult, arrangements should be made beforehand with whoever is carrying out the installation and delivery as to whether additional equipment or machinery is required to get your sculpture into place, depending on its size and weight. These arrangements are the responsibility of the purchaser of the sculpture, unless otherwise specified and determined by all parties involved.

My carving has been damaged or has developed some cracks or splitting, what can I do?'
Being a natural product, it is important to understand that your timber sculpture may be more easily susceptible to physical damage, vandalism and sometimes cracking or shrinking. At BK Carving we do our absolute best to find high quality timber which is stored and harvested as best as possible to prevent things such as splits, cracks or shrinkage from happening. This however can still happen being raw form timber. It's helpful to know that in Australian conditions the majority of this will only usually occur in the first 12 months after being carved, as the sculpture takes time to adjust and settle to the climate and position.

In the chance these things do occur, BK Carving should be contacted in this time to advise on re-sealing and maintenance to any form of weathering, physical damage or vandalism before any repair or maintenance is attempted. Repairs can always be carried out with quality and suitable products that enhance the life of your sculptures, so you can continue to enjoy them for years into the future.

Can you do public  artworks or demonstrations?'
Yes we can! BK Carving is set up to carry out public artworks, as well as demonstrations at places such as Agricultural shows, Corporate events, art exhibitions, festivals and competitions to name a few. Please send your inquiry with the details of where and when and what you are requesting, and we can provide details of what services we offer and also what we require from you as the coordinator.
BK Carving has the Insurance, Certificates an
d Checks required for most public events and carving works  in Victoria.

What is the best way to be in contact?
For any of the questions or inquiries listed above, and of course anything else relating to your custom chainsaw carving needs, please send it in an email to 
This can also be done simply by submitting your inquiry through the CONTACT page on this site.
We would absolutely love to hear from you!


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